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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bye Bye Red Dye!!!

  Great News - Nestle is removing all artificial dyes and colors from its chocolate candies!!!
Below is the link to the article from Fox News:

No Artificial Colors!
Bye bye….
Red dye 40, Yellow #5, Blue #1 ……….

    Thanks to the efforts of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the demand from the public for healthier food options, we have all persuaded a major food giant to change its ingredients.  It doesn't stop here.  They plan to take it out of other food products based on the results of public opinion and demand.  This will lead to other major food companies being persuaded to remove artificial colors in their products.  This gives our children more choices!  

    Keep reading the food labels and look for products without artificial colors.  Let them know that we don't like having harmful artificial colors in our diet.  These artificial colors can cause behavioral problems in those susceptible to them.  Why have them in our foods?  They are only a cheap alternative for manufacturers to make cheap unhealthy products.  Remember money talks!  Buy the products that do not have artificial colors in them and more products will be made to satisfy the demand.   

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  1. Wooww..
    What a wonderful News
    Thanks for sharing..
    Organic or Natural dyes are best to use for coloring food items or with clothes.


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