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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Studies Reveal Artificial Colors can have a Negative Effect on Children's Behavior

     Finally, in the year 2014, what many parents have realized but were criticized for, the negative effects of artificial colors on children's behavior has finally been validated with research.  Also, many major food companies have recently taken out artificial colors from their products.  The real change and the factors leading this major movement is consumer demand.  We all have the power to influence change - whether we buy the food or not is a choice.  That choice determines whether or not manufacturers will continue to use harmful ingredients at the expense of our children, or to formulate healthier ingredients in their products.
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Below is a compilation of some of the latest research on Artificial colors with quotes following each link.    

/Artificial Food Colors and Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Symtoms/ Conclusions to Dye For

"AFCs are not a major cause of ADHD per se, but seem to affect children regardless of whether or not they have ADHD, and they may have an aggregated effect on classroom climate if most children in the class suffer a small behavioral decrement with additive or synergistic effects."

Are artificial food colorings worse for kids than sugar?
"A handful of clinical trials found that a small percentage of children experience attention problems and agressive behavior when they consume 35 mg a day of synthetic coloring, while a larger percentage experiences behavioral problems at doses of 100 mg a day or higher."

Purdue-study-Artificial dyes highest in beverages, cereal, and candy
"New research from Purdue University scientists has revealed the dye content of scores of packaged food products, some of which contain more than the 35 mg per serving that has been shown in certain trials to affect behavior among a small percentage of children."

First-ever Study Reveals Amounts of Food Dyes in Artificial Foods
"According to the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest, the findings are disturbing since the amounts of dyes found in even single servings of numerous foods—or combinations of several dyed foods—are higher than the levels demonstrated in some clinical trials to impair some children's behavior."

FDA Study on Artificial Colors:

LOblaw, major food producers move away from artificial colouring
"Mounting public concern has spurred several major companies to remove dyes from some of their foods. Kraft has removed the artificial yellow dye from some of its signature mac and cheese products, and General Mills has removed dyes from Trix and Yoplait Go-Gurt."

Petition - M&M Candies   "I also found out that many families were using an “elimination diet” to isolate and remove harmful ingredients -- particularly artificial dyes. By removing dyes like those found in M&M's, they were able to delay, reduce, and sometimes eliminate the need for medication."

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