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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restaurants... Check the ingredients - you would be surprised!

When I take my children out to eat - which is very rare - I have to check the ingredients as best as I can.
Ketchup - it can have Red 40 dye in it to make it look pretty.
Barbeque Sauce - also can have it.
Drinks - can also have it.

I just got my children Slotchky's Deli pizza's, a sugar cookie, and a Lemon-aide drink.
The sauce could have had dyes in it, the sugar cookies - another possibility, or maybe it was the Lemon-aide (could have had a yellow-dye which has a very similar chemical structure like Red-40.) Whatever the case, I think my six-year old was affected. After eating his dinner he had the look on his face and he was pretty irrational and angry. He swatted at me with his fists, but still he is only six and so he can't get me yet. I hope that as he grows his body will become more immune to these dyes. I would hate to have a dye-induced behavior when he is a teenager. I think I will stay away from this Deli. I tried to find the ingredient list online, but I couldn't find one. If anyone has information about this Deli, please leave a comment.


  1. My son has been off from dyes for 1 month today. His attitude toward his sister has greatly improved, his tics have ceased, his compulsive behavior about the way his clothes fit and feel has improved. I am still so new to a dye-free lifestyle but I do know that way too many foods EVERYWHERE include those nasty pointless dyes. Its sad.

  2. I started to avoid all dyes back in migraines disappeared...GO FIGURE!

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