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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red meat color injections: eww! (Updated June 26th)

Red meat color injections: eww!

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Salmon and red meat are becoming another hot topic. Should I buy Farm-raised Salmon or Wild Salmon? Should I buy organic meat, grass-fed cattle, grain-fed cattle, or any red meat? The reasons why I care about these questions are that both Salmon and red meat can be altered with synthetic red dye. Red dye has been known to increase hyperactivity in children but other symptoms listed on this blog as well. In the link below, I learned that the red juice in the freshly packaged meats is really just red dye and that the color of the meat and the juice is not in nature that color. I always thought that the red meat with it's red juices indicated a fresher, healthier cut of meat. I began to get skeptical about that after removing synthetic (man-made) artificial colors from our diet.

That lead me to wonder where to find meat that is not altered in this manner. A friend of mine mentioned GreenWise meat from Publix. I bought some for dinner last night. It didn't have any juices in the package. The meat looked good. The label said the following:
Publix GreenWise Market, USDA CHOICE BEEF,
raised without Antibiotics, No Added Hormones,
Vegetarian Diet, No Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives."
It was a little pricier than the other steaks, but the difference was a better tasting meat (in my opinion) and a much healthier option. The steaks that I bought from Publix in the past month (not GreenWise) were in packages with red juice (most likely red dye) and we had to return several because some of them smelled bad. A few of them were discolored and had a purplish hue and smelled. I was reluctant to buy more meat from Publix until I tried the GreenWise meat. I would recommend this brand to others.


  1. Thanks for maintaining such a great blog... I came here searching on red dye in wild-caught salmon. Do you know of more specific information about wild-caught salmon, red dye, and the chemical composition of such dyes?

    Have you read Eating Fossil Fuels?

    Are you a subscriber to Mike Adams' Natural News? I highly recommend it.

    Recently, I created a YouTube channel where I will be posting my first video today.


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