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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A NOT so happy St. Patricks Day!

I picked up my boys from school a while ago, and my six year old had the look. He didn't run to me like he always does. He walked slowly towards me dragging his backpack on the ground. He turned the opposite direction when he made eye contact with me and took a good five minutes to finally make a decision to come to me. His face expressed both sadness and anger. His behavior over the next ten minutes was even worse. He argued with his younger brother, kicked and hit at me since I "wasn't wearing green", and had a difficult time staying in the van to wait for his other brother. All of this came with the confession of eating Lucky Charms (which has red dye). He had tears streaming down his face when he told me he ate that today.
He has been extremely well-behaved at home. He does not deserve to have these foods slip into his diet. It changes him so drastically. It is a shame!

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