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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Foods without Dyes CAN Improve Behavior and Health

If you are trying to stay away from foods with artificial dyes and you see a remarkable change in your child or yourself - here are some other suggestions to get yourself feeling your best!
Children with ADD or ADHD seem to be more sensitive to food dyes. These children benefit from having more protein in their diet and omega supplements.

To learn more about a good diet for children with ADD or ADHD, check out this webpage - and

My Kids Favorite Vitamins without Artificial Dyes
L'il Critter Vita Worms Multivitamins
L'il Critter Omega 3 Gummy Fish (Brain Booster)

My Favorite Health Drink

I love my blender! I used to be so lazy about using the blender, but after using it for a while I find I can't live without it.
Designer Whey Protein Supplement (You can find this at Publix)
Mix one scoop of this stuff and toss into the blender and add whatever fruits you want!
Stonyfield Farm Yogurt Vanilla (Fat Free - although I wasn't looking for that.) This has live culture in it that is beneficial especially when taking antibiotics.

My Favorite Blender Drink (Great for kids too!)
1 Scoop of Designer Whey Protein
Some Yogurt (However much you want) (a cup?)
Publix Premium Vanilla Yogurt (about a cup)
Milk (about a cup)
Strawberries (If I have them)
Blueberries (If I have them)
Push the buttons and then drink up!

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