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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Does Pizza have artificial colors?

     Domino's Pizza recently changed the taste of their pizza with their new garlic seasoning on the crust.  After eating the pizza with my family, I was feeling less patient and my boys were too.  In the morning I decided to check the ingredient listing and found that the new garlic seasoning has FD&C Yellow 5.  I decided to skip eating the leftovers for lunch.  You might be surprised that eating these artificial colors can have an effect on your mood.  I was at first, but after test after test for me the result was the same.  It can effect your mood if you are susceptible to it.


  1. So much of our food has dyes in it, which in itself is bad for our health, but please consider ALL the other ingredients in the food as well.. MSG, preservatives, and white and refined sugars as well as High fructose corn syrups are ALL excitotoxins and can cause all kinds of problems. Thanks for sharing your site! It helps so many people!!

  2. Thanks Melanie! I couldn't agree with you more! We also have sensitivities to MSG in our family and pretty much try to stay way from the rest of the stuff, but to simplify this site I have focused on the artificial dyes. My reason and my passion for this site began after discovering that my son's behavior could be improved immediately after eliminating these dyes (mainly red dye 40). So on this site I will stick mainly to this topic but I welcome any comments like yours as well. Your information will be useful to others. :)

  3. I am allergic to Red40 and I discovered the hard way that some pizzas DO have red40 in them. Happy Joe's to be exact has it in their pizza sauce. I had not found red40 in pizza sauce prior to this or after it thus far and I was shocked and disappointed. It makes me question their pizza a little if in order to have awesome red pizza sauce they have to add red40 when most other pizza companies do not.

  4. I agree Samantha. If you have to add color to sauce, which should be colored with natural ingredients anyway - like tomatoes, I wouldn't want to eat it!

  5. Hi there, I've visited your site periodically as we have also discovered issues w/ artificial colors and our son's behavior. I was curious about pizza...I see several posts about pizza containing red40 in the sauce & I certainly believe it. But how do you find out the ingredients from the big pizza chains? Our kids love Cici's but I can't find specific ingredients on their website, only fat/protein/carbs/etc.

    Thanks for your site...keep up the great work!

  6. Dear Anonymous on Jan 6.,
    You could ask the manager if they have a menu with a list of ingredients. My husband was curious about Chick-Fil-A one evening and brought home a menu ingredient list to read. You have to be careful. One time I ordered a chocolate shake for my son after asking someone who worked there if it had any artificial dyes in it. The person said that they didn't have any artificial colors in the shake. Then he handed it to me with whip cream on the top and a big red (red dye 40) cherry on the top. I was able to scoop off the whole topping and let my son have his shake. I figure, if I can't find out what's in the foods and drinks and they can't provide me with the ingredients than I won't buy my foods and drinks from them.

    1. What, if anything else, did you find at chik- fil- a w/ red?
      I have an allergy to multiple red dyes.


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