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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Take Action! Here's what you can do!

I want to share this site that I came across. The Center for science in the Public Interest has some very interesting facts about food colorings and other additives. Check out I also filed a report form with my concerns about red dye. You can file your report with It only took a few minutes to complete the form and I felt more empowered to do more.

Check out I need to find out what actions were taken after this petition was filed.

Check out
You can find the number to call to report or you can email

Please do at least one of these. Together we can make a difference!


  1. Let's hope to get the word out and make a difference

  2. Food dye diaries, you are doing a terrific job getting all the important things that I wanted to say to help others. With our children depending on us and for own our sanity we need to try our best!

  3. I keep reading this and that about dyes... So where in the world do we FIND foods and drinks without it? No one seems to talk about that!!! Punch for example. I love punch, w/o sugar.. so I get the tiny packets of the sugar free, that are nice and bright red. I could care less about the color but I can not seem to find punch w/o it! Help!


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