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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Red Dye - It could be derived from Coal Tar or Carmine (the Cochineal Bug)

This is something that I found out years ago, but for anyone else who hasn't heard, red dye 40 is derived from coal tar! YUCK! There is another red dye out on the market that is called carmine. It is derived from a cochineal bug. It is not the same as red dye 40. So we now have another alternative for red and that is to eat insects! My choice is to eat neither. Products can be made red with other alternatives such as from beets or by using ground annatto.

Check out this link that I found this morning on It's a slideshow discussing what is hidden in the foods we eat.

You would be surprised at what the food industry puts in our foods. For example, artificial colors, means that it could have red dye 40 and should not be trusted for someone with sensitivities.

Natural flavors can include MSG and other derivatives. A great percentage of the food industry would like to hide these things as best they can. They are all about selling the food.

Read the labels, you might not like what you see.

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