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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Foods would be boring without Artificial Dyes! That's False

Some people think that without artificial food dyes, foods would be colorless, boring, or less appealing to look at, but that is just not true. Synthetic artificial dyes like red dye 40 do not need to be used. It is just cheaper to use them and so profit is the motivating factor. It is more expensive to use natural food colorings, such as the coloring from India Tree, but for my family it is a healthier alternative. Eventually, natural food colors will become more of the norm in the marketplace as more health conscious consumers demand to have the synthetic food dyes, such as red dye 40 derived from coal tar, eliminated from their diets. The food industry is beginning to shift to healthier options as people are choosing organic foods that are free from artificial food dyes. Publix Greenwise markets now sell candies such as Surf Sweets, Organic Lolipops, and other such candies without artificial food dyes. Starbucks has gotten rid of all artificial food dyes from their products. The change is happening and the first ones to adopt this change will be the first to profit. This marketing strategy makes perfect sense. This is exactly what consumers want and expect. Consumers want healthier food options. Consumers realize that today the overuse of synthetic artificial food dyes is absurd and our children are being marketed to with commercial ads of brightly colored synthetically engineered crap - not real food. How much nutrition does one actually get from a Poptart as opposed to an organic version? Is there any fruit in a Poptart? Mostly, if not all, it is filled with colors that simulate what it might look like if there were actual fruit inside. A child who is sensitive to these synthetic dyes would then have the dye-induced behavior that is typical when ingesting synthetic artificial food dyes. This dye-induced behavior, which occurs soon after ingestion, can be described as causing hyperactivity. I could also describe this behavior as a certain look - an almost depressed and angry face, followed by outbursts of uncontrollable rage when the littlest thing goes wrong. I, for one, am looking forward to the new food, drink, and medicinal products with colors from natural sources. Just imagine - real food with real nutritional value! What a concept!

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  1. It's good to know about products used for baking. They will help me find alternative for the colors I need. Thanks!


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