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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have I gone Red Dye 40 mad?

Are you wondering why I have spent so much time creating a blog all about stupid food coloring additives - such as red dye 40? Have you wondered what it is I hope to gain from this? I have often thought that people might just think I am some health nut on a mission to force her views on others. I assure you that I am neither. I am just a parent who found out that I could have spent the other two dye-induced years of my children's lives much more peacefully if I had only known the truth about artificial colors - namely red dye 40.
Red dye 40, for my children and myself, may in fact be a neurotoxin that immediately changes the way we feel. It is perhaps a dye-induced toxin that makes us more sensitive, easily frustrated, alters our perception of things, we feel short tempered, and feel like acting in an aggressive manner. For my children, those feelings are difficult to control. If I get that way just by eating foods with red dye 40 in it, I have to think isn't that like a drug of some sort? I mean, for millions of American's who react the same way, doesn't that upset you? I know there are many people who might not have a clue as to why they feel so edgy and many others who just don't feel the emotional effects, but I speculate that it can be doing something to your body that isn't healthy.
Personally, I have nothing to gain by doing this blog other than share the news. Maybe one more person will find out what is bothering them or their children before too much time is lost. If you come across a request to remove artificial dyes from school snacks or lunches, be grateful too that your child who might not be visibly effected is able to sit peacefully by other children who are sensitive to red dye 40. I am grateful for having my children back. I hope this reaches the rest of you in good time!


  1. Amen.

    Our family suffered for ten years until I figured it out. I want to encourage people who have felt the effects for themselves or seen it in their families to reach out directly to others to share their experience. Every time I share our family's story with someone, it is new information. All of my friends now know and over two dozen of my immediate friends have made the change and seen the dramatic results in their own families. I have begun speaking to small groups in my community, spreading the word, mother to mother.

    Your blog spells out the issue perfectly: this is not just about your one child's sensitivity. Nearly every family has a child who is sensitive, but merely thinks he or she is irritable, recalcitrant or learning disabled. My mind reels thinking about all the mayhem in our world....we'd all do better without artificial dyes and preservatives.

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  3. Thank you for sharing that. I think that the long term implications of these artificial dyes have yet to be discovered. I am concerned with the number of children being medicated and the number of ADHD, ADD, Autistic spectrum disorder and all of the learning disabled who are being effected. What is it doing to the general population. It can not be good if it has such an affect neurologically and apparent in quite a number of people.
    Thank you for spreading the word.

  4. Cool....i just love learning new things, thanks for the good instruction that i have found here.


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