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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's in the News - Red Dye 40

It's in the news. Red dye 40 can cause behavioral changes in anyone sensitive to these dyes. The general population can be affected as well. What might not be observable now in some individuals, may perhaps show up later. The amounts of dyes in the American diet has increased substantially. You might think, "I grew up eating this stuff and nothing happened to me." However, the market has changed and red dye 40 is the most popular food dye in the industry. Consumption has gone up tremendously and so has ADD and ADHD diagnosis!

CBS News reports...... (Click on the link or copy and paste to your browser, but please come back for more.)
Here is an article about Common Food Additives can made your Kids Hyper


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  2. Were there any text stories along with this? I'd love to read the story (my baby is asleep in my lap, so no video for me right now :-)

  3. Your baby is probably awake by now, but here is a text story that was found on the same news link.

    The news report video is a good one to see too!
    Take care!


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