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Monday, June 1, 2009

If the ingredients say "Artificial Colors" does it have red dye 40 or other synthetic dyes?

Sometimes the term "artificial colors" can get really confusing. What this means is that the coloring used may be from FDA Certified Colors - synthetically produced dyes such as red dye 40, for example. It can also be derived from natural sources, such as vegetable minerals or from animals. The important thing to know, however, if you are trying to eliminate the synthetically produced dyes or lakes is that they MUST be listed in the ingredients. For example, if the ingredients listed says, "artificial colors" than you can be certain that it will not have the synthetically produced dyes or lakes in it. The synthetic dyes or lakes must be listed individually. "Red dye 40", for example, would be in the ingredient list.
The artificial colors that are derived from natural sources such as vegetable minerals or animals (Examples: annatto extract, dehydrated beets, caramel) are listed as EXEMPT and can be listed as "artificial colors" and not have to be listed individually. Both Certified Colors and Exempt colors are "artificial colors", but the Certified Colors have to be listed individually. I hope this information helps you in determining what is the right foods for your children.

The following is a list of artificial colors used today. Take a look at this link, but please come back for more.
Color Additive Status List


  1. Thank you for that information. While I did know that if a food had red, blue and yellow, they had to be reported on the label, I did not realize that "artificial colors" was not just an umbrella term for all of them. Nonetheless, I'll still always avoid "artificial" anything since our family suffered so badly for ten years. I was just saying to my husband last night how unbelievable the difference is in our family. I keep expecting to wake up from this lovely dream that is now our life.

  2. Your welcome. Our foods shouldn't be a mystery, should it? My next post describes why we stay away from all artificial colors too.
    It definitely is a better world without the artificial stuff! Our family has benefited so much.

  3. Thank you so much. I'd prefer companies to list each ingredient separately, but your explanation helped alleviate the fear of R40. Thank you


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