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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Artificial Dyes and the Deep Dark Truth!

Can you trust the FDA when it comes to artificial color additives???? Are they getting paid for staying blind to the facts? Should you trust them?

In summary: The Feingold Blue book has the following to say about Artificial colors (Please see link below):
Regulated by the FDA, artificial colors can be added to foods, drugs and cosmetics. The colors permitted in cosmetics and in medications can have twice the amount of lead contaminant as coloring permissible in foods. Artificial colorings continue to be listed as “Generally Recognized As Safe” despite studies showing the contrary.

"In 2002, more than 16 million pounds of color additives were certified by FDA inspectors.
The FDA receives a “user fee” from the manufacturer for each pound of food dye certified."

Why has the FDA ignored parent's testimonials about the how artificial dyes change their child's behavior for the worse. Why have they turned their backs on all of the outraged public who have witnessed it's effects? Why haven't they demanded more research and studies on neurotoxicity and put warning labels on foods containing these harmful additives?


  1. I came across your site searching for alternative snacks to red dye. We have known for almost 2 years my son has an allergy to red dye, he actually breaks out in hives and has breathing issues from it. We were told to give him Benadryl (which contains Red Dye as do many childrens medications) over and over. Once the breakthrough came and we figured out the Red Dye issue, he has been a different kid. I too wish food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies would realize there is no need for the dyes! I am interested to know if you are aware of any sites that aid in finding alternative foods (such as Blueberry muffin mix) containing no food dyes?

  2. I am in the process of creating a list of alternative foods. There is also a site that you can check out - the link is on this blog in the section (Want to know more about Red dye 40) click on ...
    (The IATP’s Brain Food Selector: A listing of foods and the food coloring they contain)
    You can type in the food and it will tell you what is in it! Hopefully, they have what you are looking for. I'm creating a website that can read easier and hope to have that available to all soon! I'm glad that your son is doing well now. Take care and hope to hear from you again soon. :)


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