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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hope for Sanity

    Someone told me the other day that after staying away from artificial dyes in their food, drinks, toothpaste, and anything that has it in the ingredient, she has seen a difference in her children.  Her teenager has become more empathetic and less prone to anger.  Her younger child who LOVES candy, but wasn't allowed to eat it became noticeably "different"  after eating the candy with red dye 40.  He began to talk non-stop and was bouncing off the furniture in a matter of minutes after ingesting the artificial dyes.  She has known for a long time that these dyes couldn't be good for you, but didn't realize that they had any effect on her children until she completely eliminated it from their diet.  Now she tells everyone about the effects of red dye 40 and what it may be doing to their children.  I hope that I can help more people with this blog.  Everyone should know this important information - Artificial dyes are bad for your health and there really is hope for sanity. 

I recommend Dr. Leman's book, Have a New Kid by Friday.  The advice in this book applies to parenting children and teens of all ages.      
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