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Friday, March 12, 2010

Can companies afford to switch to natural dyes?

    Many companies are struggling with the decision to switch to healthier natural food dyes.  From the article, "Do food dyes affect kids' behavior?"
here is an exerpt...
  "Some U.S. companies, he says, have experimented with replacing artificial colors in certain products, but ultimately changed their minds when they knew they would have to charge more.
"It is more expensive. You have to use more (natural pigment) so it costs a little more," Maletto says. "But if you say 'no artificial colors' on the box, you could charge a customer 10 cents more and they would pay it," he adds."
    Perhaps the research is already out there that consumers are willing to pay more for healthier options.  Please add your vote to the poll on the right side column about this topic.  Your opinion does count.

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