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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Dye 40 in Energy Drinks - Are your children drinking these?

     Currently there are no restrictions on children consuming energy drinks.  Children can buy drinks, such as Red Bull, without parental permission and down as many as they can afford or tolerate.  The other day I saw a group of boys outside of Publix chugging down their Red Bull drinks.  Not only are they getting a large dose of caffeine but those nasty artificial dyes derived from petroleum (Red Dye 40).  Children will become use to the feeling of high energy and might try to get that feeling again - and that is how these products may become addictive.  Caffeine, in itself, can be very addicting.  Now our society may have children who become edgy and irritable when their bodies crave the caffine that they have become used to.  Also, there are the children who have a sensitivity to the red dye in the drink and act in an overly aggressive manner, become hyper, or depressed - not to mention the harmful effects of the dyes for any person consuming it.  Are we being responisble when we allow this to continue?       

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