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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is the medication for your child helping or hurting?

     Is the medication that your child is taking for ADD/ADHD helping or hurting?  Did you know that many of the medications that are prescribed for children have red dye 40 in them or other synthetic dyes known to cause behavioral problems in children?  Please check your medications because pharmacies can often find an alternative that is dye-free.  If not, check with another pharmacy. 

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  1. My son does not take ADD meds but recently needed an antibiotic for ear infection. We had watched and waited and unfortunately gotten to point of meds. The nurse looked at me like I had two heads when I insisted it be dye-free. They prescribed Augmentin. It was white. Unfortunately, after three days of meltdowns, I checked the ingredient list online to find that it contained aspartame, which is also a huge no-no for
    him. Sometimes I feel like we can't win!!

  2. Two countries, the U.K. and Australia, are moving to ban products containing synthetic food & beverage dyes from their shelves, thought to cause problems in children, including symptoms of ADHD, and concern for adults.. One U.S. company, a Minnesota-based firm, has developed an all-natural, non-GM alternative to these petroleum-based dyes.

    This new product is reportedly high in antioxidants. It's derived from a specially developed 'purple' corn hybrid, but is said to sustain the proteins and oils for continued use along the food chain. To make your own determination, go to

  3. Hi Ruby,
    It is frustrating when my children need antibiotics because the choices are very limited. More consumer action needs to pressure these companies into making a change. sounds like a wonderful company that is committed to producing a healthy alternative to synthetic dyes. I am looking forward to more companies using dyes such as the kinds Suntava is producing!


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