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Thursday, October 25, 2012

                     Happy Halloween!  

       Halloween can get a little tricky when your trying to stear clear of artificial colors, but I found some candy that won't even spook you!  It's called UNREAL and it stands up to it's name for sure.  The candy made by UNREAL is what they call - Unjunked.  No Artificial Colors, No Hydrogenateds, No Corn Syrups, No Preservatives, and No GMOs.  It has something unique as well - nutrition!  (5g of Fiber, 5g of Protein, 90mg of Sodium, 12g of Fat, and 17g of sugar, 200 Calories in a UNREAL Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar)  What's more is that it tastes great!
      UNREAL has so many different candies to choose from.  They turned some of the classic candies into something deserving to give to your kids and you!  Don't be deceived by the nutrition label because it still tastes like candy.  I am not an advertiser for them or affiliated with them in any way.  They gave me some free candy to try and my family liked it so much that I'm returning the favor.  Thank You UNREAL for the box of candy and for making our Halloween a happy one! 


  1. Yum, I just ate my second little candy bar today. They do taste good!!!

  2. I like all these UNREAL treats!!! So much better than the stuff with all the junk! Glad we found them!

  3. Hi there. I briefly looked through your site (very helpful, but not what I need today, so no time now for a thorough look), and saw only one post that mentions annatto, and it seems to be a pro-annatto post. I wanted to let you and your readers know that annatto isn't always the good, safe alternative. Some kids react to annatto the same way they react to reds, yellows, and blues! My oldest is one of them. If someone hadn't pointed this put to me I never would've even considered annatto a possibility, as EVERYTHING you find about annatto is positive! But my oldest child is one who reacts badly to annatto (she gets distracted easily, loses her focus, can't complete an assignment to save her life, etc....). We eliminated annatto (we've known about reds since she was a baby, thanks to Benadryl!), and it's like night and day with her! Suddenly she finishes assignments, stays focused, turns in papers.... She is a different child. I couldn't tell you of any science out there proving this, except to see it in my own child (we have added annatto back in and saw a difference immediately.... even her teachers were writing and asking if she had been staying up late or something because of such a difference in her schoolwork). Anyway, just a heads up, that annatto might not work for everyone. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience with Annatto. I think I mentioned in a post, a while ago, that some individuals might be allergic to Annatto. Although, I didn't know of any sensitivities to it like the effects of artificial colors. We haven't experienced a problem with Annatto, but some individuals might benefit from your experience and observations with it.
    Thank you again for sharing.


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