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Friday, March 30, 2012

Where is the Scientific Research linking Behavior to Red Dye 40???

I recently got a comment from someone who was very unhappy about not showing enough scientific research to educate people about the harmful nature of synthetic dyes and the harmful effects on behavior.  Here is the comment I received, ...
   "I hope everyone realizes that testimonials are NOT SCIENCE. Those these stories are touching, they do not prove Red 40 caused anything. I'm interested in the science. Are there peer reviewed scientific papers that link Red 40 to behavioural issues. If so, please post so that I may learn something and take actions if necessary. If not, then all this testimonial stuff is pure junk. DO NOT TAKE MEDICAL/NUTRITIONAL ADVICE FROM TESTOMINIALS. USE SCIENCE!!!I hope everyone realizes that testimonials are NOT SCIENCE. Those these stories are touching, they do not prove Red 40 caused anything. I'm interested in the science. Are there peer reviewed scientific papers that link Red 40 to behavioural issues. If so, please post so that I may learn something and take actions if necessary. If not, then all this testimonial stuff is pure junk. DO NOT TAKE MEDICAL/NUTRITIONAL ADVICE FROM TESTOMINIALS. USE SCIENCE!!!"

So, in my attempt to include some scientific evidence I wrote the following comments:    
"The New York Times published an article in September 2007, reporting on a study published in the Lancet and funded by Britain's Food Standards Agency that had “conclusively and scientifically confirmed a link between food additives and hyperactivity.”
Read more: 

Here is a little more on that: 

"Despite concerns with the British study, European lawmakers now require a warning label on foods that contain artificial dyes. It lets parents know their kids might become hyperactive if they consume the product."
"Some of the studies are difficult or imperfect. ... But there is this body of literature that does suggest that food colorings are not as benign as people have been led to believe."
- Andrew Adesman, developmental and behavioral pediatrics expert

Here is more information and maybe more than you would like to read...
As you can see the scientific research on this subject has left many people uneasy on this subject. While we wait for the scientific research to formulate a very valid study, we are not going to idly sit by and watch our children (those who are sensitive to the dyes) become affected by these artificial colors. Removing the dyes from our child's diet proved a direct correlation to behavioral changes after consuming the artificial coloring (namely red dye 40 for our son).

"Research on pediatric behaviors can be difficult and expensive to conduct since it often involves regular and subjective assessments of children by parents and teachers who should be kept in the dark about the specifics of the test. And since the patents on the dyes expired long ago, manufacturers have little incentive to finance such research themselves." By GARDINER HARRIS
Published: March 29, 2011

Today, after more research, I found this...... 
[PPT] Food Dyes & Behavior

What angers me most about the harmful nature of artificial colors is the lack of scientific research.  While we wait for the scientific community to catch up, I plan to take action and buy products that do not contain these synthetic dyes.  After all, scientifically would anyone think that consuming petroleum products are beneficial?  What is the recommended limit of consuming these dyes?  Well, it's in virtually everything that can be produced these days so whether you are aware of it or not the American population is consuming more than the recommended limit.  


  1. This comment gets off with me. Thank you for providing this person with information. It is not pure junk when I look at my child and see what red or any food dye does to her. I am sure any parent dealing with this feels the same way.

  2. Here is a link "Selection of Studies Supporting Diet Therapy"

  3. Thank you for posting. My son is 2 and we are becoming aware that his behavior is worse than "normal". I am just starting my research on the food dye corelation and this post was very helpful. Thanks again.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the comment! Every time someone thanks me, I think about the time when I first learned about food dye and what a difference it has made in our lives since we found out. I hope you share the information to help out others who are going through what you experience with your son. It's not fair for any child to have to go through this. :(

  4. I recently found your blog after discovering my daughters reactions to red dye 40. Like the above comment, I don't need science to prove the change that has occurred for my daughter. And truthfully, I would never put her in a study to show how she reacts with it in her system - it is never going in her system with my knowledge again! I appreciate you advocating for the cause and studies or not, there is truth for some children that is life changing!

  5. Thanks Erika! I wouldn't put my child in a study either! :)

  6. I am so happy to find this blog! I thought I was the only one educated on this. My son and I are allergic to artificial colors. Didn't realize it at first. My son was labeled ADHD. But I did my researching online and found that artificial colorings could cause symptoms of ADHD. Since there is no test, I came up with my own. I took them away for a week, and the difference in my son was amazing! I did it over a school vacation, and when he went back, they couldn't believe the difference in my son. I later became to realize that it wasn't just foods that I had to watch. It's also in soaps, shampoo's, toothpaste, laundry soap, glue, crayon's and markers! But also just inhaling cleaning supplies. Windex is horrible to me. The blue dye makes my eyes swell shut. But these artificial colors effect our sinuses. Mine where so swollen that it looked like I had nasal polyps, and I was getting nose bleeds and headaches. My son and I have a physical reaction to them, I don't know if anyone else does. If I come in contact with it, the left side of my nose will start running, and I get light headed, and then the headache will start. Then the nose bleeds begin. The article I like is " A rainbow of Risks". It takes every color and tells you what they found it to do when they tested it. And these where company tests. So you can imagine that they didn't publish the really bad things they found. What I can't believe, is I found that the biggest reason that people won't change, is because it would be too hard! They don't want to be bothered to read every label they buy. I can't believe people would be so lazy when their children's well being and their's could be greatly improved! They don't want to be bothered! Thanks so much for posting this blog. I can't wait to go over it fully!

  7. I love this blog. My daughter started throwing out of control, violent tantrums that occurred out of no where over nothing. She would be out of control for 1-3 hours. I read about red dye and started journal her food and behavior and noticed her behavior was ALWAYS worse 1-3 days after consuming red dye. We have cut it out completely for two weeks do far and not 1 tantrum of that degree has occurred! Coincedence? Maybe- but I don't think so. Thanks for all your info!

  8. I just found out that my oldest son is allergic to red dye. Some people just do not relize how much red dye is in alot of the food that you eat everyday. I can tell you this. I do not want to go through that again with my son. It scared me and I was almost in tears because I did not really know what was going on with him until I took him to the doctor. I decided to put everyone in the house on a no red dye diet. I can already tell a change in both of my sons. I am just learning about all the red dye things. So if anyone has any suggestions just let me know.

  9. It affects adults to. I was diagnosed with the red dye allergy 2 years ago. I hope I live to see the day where it id banned from the US.

  10. I definitely agree although I have a teacher telling me it could take months to see a difference? What? Really? If you take red dye out and it causes your child to have no violent outbursts for a week, I would say there is something to it. Our son ate something yesterday with the dyes (I wasn't here so it happened under the supervision of a sitter) and now today he's sick.

    Connection? Maybe but with the improved behavior I'm saying there's a connection. I've been told since he's 10 almost 11, it's most likely a change in hormones and not the fact the dyes were removed.

    Do people really look that hard to find reasons why removing these toxic poisons isn't helpful?

    It's frustrating as a parent of a child who has had behavioral issues for years and each time you find something that may help to be told it's not science or another doctor said that "it would take months for a change to occur after removing dyes". I don't hold a lot of faith in many medical professionals after it took them more than 6 1/2 years to dx Celiac in a child.

    If Americans weren't so persnickety about the way their food has to look before they would eat it, we would ban these poisons like many other countries already have.

    Sorry to sound so negative, but I am really just tired of everyone acting like I'm a freak because I don't want my child to eat poison.

    1. I understand how you feel. I wish people were more understanding and not so judgmental at times.

  11. I removed red dye from my daughters diet and she behaved better at first, but now seems to revert back to her "active" self. I still don't buy food with red dye in it because I got used to not buying that junk. She eats apples and cheese instead of poptarts and koolaid. Some parents get mad when you suggest that doritos may not be good for your kid. I will continue to give my hyper child dye-free food without scientific evidence.

  12. I'm so glad Ive come across your site! My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and I've noticed his behavior is getting worse. Instead of medicating my child Iam DETERMIND to change his diet and help him that way! I've noticed any foods with red dye 40 really trigger his behavior problems. Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful blog!!

  13. We were feeling distraught over my 6 year olds seeming lack of control over his bowel movements. Thousands of dollars of testing brought us no closer to a solution. A compassionate friend suggested we try removing food dye from his diet. We saw almost immediate changes in both his bowel movements and behavior. He is getting better at asking when something is offered, wether or not it has dye, so accidents are less frequent, but if he slips up, we have almost immediate results. I'm sure he would be a prime candidate for testing, but i don't want to go back there again.

  14. Red dye Period 0-40 or even 100 is harmful. I'm allergic to red dye. Ingested from soaps perfumes digested from foods drinks sprayed on fryits veggies to make brighter prettier nearly killed me. Put me through antaphalactis causing organ damage, cranial bleeding, seizures, agressiveness because being afraid to eat seeing red dye in everything from cerial to cupcakes to even supposed healthy pedialyte. I've been suffereing nearly 3years because of this. It's awful its killing of my enzymes plasma cells in my body. If you ever had asthma, bals palzy, cerebral palzy, down syndrome, attention disorders or never did red dyes definitely mutinate your organs and harm you. I'm barely hanging on by a thread in 2009 they banned Red dye they need to ban dyes period go back to natural if someone wants to take chance of buying a food coloring bottle by all means at their own risk but, don't force people allergies dont kill off populations because you think its fun thing to experiment on people. Having clatonic seizure disorder constant pain being skin and bones now not being able to have soy lectin regular foods because of aftermath effect. Shame on you industries. Not everyone deserves to be tortured because you want to force red dye on people


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