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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Could what you eat cause behavioral problems?

    I got started doing this blog years ago after learning that red dye 40 was the cause of my child's most turbulent behavior.  Then, I realized that the artificial dye was affecting other members of my family, including me.  After witnessing a complete turn around in my son, I felt compelled to share what I learned.  I learned that artificial dyes can cause stomach aches, depression, hives, have an effect on IQ, cause motor-coordination problems and behavioral problems - to name a few.  Why should children or anyone else needlessly suffer because of consuming these harmful dyes.  Before having my children, I taught third grade.  I recall some of my students having the same dye-induced look that my child used to have after consuming red-dye 40.  I couldn't understand why their behavior was so irrational while other days they were calm, sweet children who were able to focus.  One child could sit in his desk calmly and was able to focus on his work and then after lunch he would be a completely different child.  He would lay on the floor, roam the room, cause problems with the other students.  Could what he had during lunch have caused a behavioral change?  Could the dyes make this much of a difference in their life?  I believe it can and so do many people who leave their comments of thanks for this blog.  For children and even adults who are sensitive to these dyes, it will transform their lives if they eliminate these dyes from their diet.  My child's self-esteem blossomed, has many friends, can focus, lost the dye-induced violent episodes, makes wonderful grades and is the sweet child I thought he was. 
    Please check out the two new videos I added from YouTube (in the right side column).  Also, please sign the petition to make healthier school lunches without artificial dyes.  You and everyone together can make a difference!


  1. Ten years ago we learned about the ill-effects of red dye. Since then we have been dye -free... every accidental ingestion has been proof of the bad effects of food coloring. Thank you for blogging about this important issue!

  2. Thank you Natalie!
    I found out when I first began this blog that this has been going on far too long. :(

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