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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How our Lives have changed after Eliminating Artificial Synthetic Colors.

It has been over two years now that we have completely removed artificial colors from our diet. The results have been remarkable. Our six year old son who was diagnosed as having some form of dysgraphia by his former occupational therapist is now able to write extraordinarily well. He has great handwriting skills. During the time he was eating artificial colors (namely red dye 40), our son had problems with his behavior, his handwriting was weak, and he didn't seem to have the coordination to hold a pencil or utensils properly. Artificial colors which are petroleum-based seemed to have a neuro-toxic affect on our child. At two years old he was able to draw pictures and grip a pencil and then he began to have difficulty after his diet changed to the more popular diet of artificial dyes. Today, he is a different child. He is happier, empathetic to others' needs, he writes well and is able to concentrate and complete his school work. His grades are very good and his attitude regarding schoolwork has improved.
I wanted to share that because I can only imagine all of the children out there that could benefit from something as simple as removing artificial synthetic colors. I tried to include as much information on this site so that anyone can get the information that they need and also to help people to make that transition to a diet free from artificial colors.

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  1. This describes my daughter. Her teach confirmed for me today that my daughter was completely unable to write yesterday after having a red snowcone the night before at the school fundraiser event.

    Thank you for sharing. It helps all of us keep our sanity as parents.


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