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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you irritable or angry? It could be Linked to Artificial Food Dyes

Have you ever experienced irritability when everything is going right? Have you ever felt really mad and aggressive over minor irritants while having a difficult time calming down or even felt overly-emotional?
If you have ever felt that way and wondered why you experienced that, then you might have been experiencing - "dye-induced behavior". No kidding. Read the labels of the foods and drinks that you consume. Does it contain any artificial dyes like red dye 40 or the yellow dyes? Some people say that the blue dyes have caused hyperactivity in their children. If you have ADD/ADHD or any other pervasive development disorder, you might be more susceptible to the affects of these dyes. Perhaps you are among the many who have never been diagnosed as having ADD/ADHD and are now an adult experiencing problems with relationships, memory, planning and organizing or keeping up with day to day tasks. While ADD/ADHD is viewed as a negative trait, it can also be a very creative and spontaneous trait. So that said, if you find yourself experiencing the symptoms I described or recognize that in a child please spread what you know about artificial dyes or direct them to this website. It may help someone that you care about find a more peaceful way of living - just by removing the artificial dyes from their diet, medicines and prescription drugs. I wish someone had told me sooner. My son was experiencing major behavior problems and neurological problems which were all illiminated by removing the artificial dyes. My son is an example of a powerful success story. He is well liked in school, gets good grades, and has received many positive awards from his teacher. He even won a spot on the wall for his artistic talent. His former occupational therapist would have been amazed to see his progress. It was the therapist who initially suggested removing red dye 40, but like many people she didn't really realize the full implications of what these artificial dyes can actually do and even handed him some treats that had artificial dyes in them after his sessions.
After our family totally changed our diets to foods without these dyes, we have experienced and witnessed the transformation of our children and ourselves. I hope this reaches as many people as possible because what these dyes are doing to our society and to our children is unforgivable. It is also sad that the FDA has done nothing to remove these harmful petroleum-based dyes from our foods and medicines.
My husband is a Neurologist who understands that these artificial dyes are potentially harmful to everyone who consumes them. He believes that the number of medicines being prescribed for ADD/ADHD can be lessened by removing harmful artificial dyes. He has guided me with this website so that we can help others by spreading the news.

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