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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ban Artificial Synthetic Dyes in the United States

    Artificial Food Colorings are made of Petroleum.  Sounds good right?  Brightly colored foods and foods that wouldn't need artificial colors are being marketed to Americans in enormous amounts and certainly over the recommended limits set by the FDA - because collectively these dyes are found in so many items, bakery, pickles, drinks, foods, pharmaceuticals, shampoos, soaps, make-up and sprayed on fruits....etc.  Are they harmful?  You bet!  They have been known to cause hyperactivity, allergic reactions, migraines, stomach aches, depression, and even Cancer!   This is becoming common knowledge, yet the majority of companies refuse to use natural ingredients because it is not as profitable.   Companies like Whole Foods Market that have higher standards, refuse to sell products with artificial colors.
    America needs to step up and ban these artificial colors.  The United Kingdom has banned them after learning that artificial colors can cause hyperactivity in children.  Many other countries have banned them as well.  While profit and greed are the motivating factors for these artificial colors to remain in the U.S., we need to carefully read labels and buy foods that do not contain these harmful ingredients.  We can not rely on companies who label their products as nutritious to really care about our well being.  For example, Nestle' has just removed all artificial colors and ingredients from their confectionery ingredients from their UK products but have left all of the artificial stuff for the United States.  Why?  Because we are still buying their crap.  The only way a company is going to change is if they have high moral standards and regard for health, or their profit is diminishing and they see a trend.
    Our family hasn't bought foods with artificial colors since 2009 and we are able to always find alternatives.  Watch out for your health and your family's by buying foods that are dye-free.  Let's make a difference in America.

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