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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dye Free Candy for Holiday Shopping (or everyday)!

If you are looking to buy dye-free candy for your holiday shopping check out The Natural Candy Store:
Christmas Candy

They have everything from dye-free candy canes to chocolate Santas!  They also have an alternative to M and M's !!!


  1. Hi my name is Alexis. I just wanted to say how great your blog is. Within the last year we have been dealing with a lot of these types of issues with my now three year old son. His biggest issues are his hyperactivity/inattentiveness and his self destructive behavior. My son would have a tantrum and bang his head on the wall or floor and start clawing at his neck and throat area. We have looked into so many things and finally learned about dyes. He has been off of them for six months and still throws tantrums but doesn't hurt himself any more. I can tell when someone has given them to him and hasn't obeyed our wishes. Now to make his attention span grow.
    your blog is awesome, alexis

    1. Hi Alexis,
      Awe, it must have been so hard seeing him like that! I'm glad that you found this blog and that it helped you. :) I'm so glad that we are able to keep artificial dyes from our children. They are so much better without it!!! Thanks for the comment!


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