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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do you need to find out if the food you are buying has artificial Colors in it?

    If you are looking for an easier way to find out if the food that you want to buy has artificial colors in it and would like to find alternative foods that have healthier ingredients, I recommend the Fooducate app.  With this app, you can scan the barcode of any food and find out what is really hiding in the ingredient list.  It gives each food a grade and a list of harmful ingredients (if any) that it contains.  For anyone who is new to avoiding artificial dyes, this app could be exactly what you need to make the right choices.  I am going to recommend this to everyone!  Way to go Fooducate!!!  Below is a link to their site and it shows what you will find on the new app.  If you have an iPod touch, iPad or an Android OS version 2.2 and up, you can find it in the app market place by the search term Fooducate.  It is also free at this time, so what are you waiting for?  Get on your phone and press download.  :)


  1. I don't understand the benefit of this app and others like it. You don't learn any more with it than what the shopper can read on the product label.

  2. I understand your point for shoppers who are already reading lables and know what they want in thier foods, this could seem redundant. For people who need to avoid certain things in their diet, like artificial colors or other harmful ingredients, and are perhaps new to looking through the long list of ingredients, this app just lists the things that are not good in the foods and even gives the shopper alternative foods to buy. For people who find it hard to read the tiny lable, the app can make it easier to read. A few people I know tried it and it really helped them to find the things that they were trying to avoid.

  3. I can't believe I typed "lable" for label in my comment above. Please excuse my typo and any others that I might have made. I'm usually surrounded by my three boys. :)

  4. I totally disagree. If you cut out the red dye, then don't buy jello, cake mix, candy, cough syrup, beets, more stuff than you could possibly imagine. Plus hair color and soap and dog food, Not to mention skin lotions, and make-up. Kids just need a little smack on the ass, like they did before it got out of control. Be the parent not the friend.... Is there really a reason why people are thinking their children have ADD,m( from red dye) or is it the generation now just needs to come up with a name for a specific amount of children that don't have to do their chores.. Red dye will be here, because like blue, yellow and green will be here too. So parent's that are blaming the red dye, are those the one's that do not know how to discipline their children...

  5. I finally recieved my first negative comment after all these years! Unless you have experienced a sensitivity or an allergy to red dye 40 or other harmful dyes you might not get this. I hope that you take the time to really research this issue further so that you might find that you are really defending something that is harmful. I have experienced a sensitivity to the dye and so have my children. You can read my testimonial and other posts that I have written. You have insulted my parenting skills and many other parents out their who have experienced "real" issues with red dye 40. I am thankful that I was a good parent that took the time to find out what was causing my son's most turbulent behavior or else I could have wasted more years trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Today, he is a sweet boy, excellent in school - "straight A's." Remember you are defending artificial dyes here.... a petroleum-based product derived from coal tar. Today they are found in virtually everything because it is cheaper to put colors in things to cut production costs. Instead or real strawberries, for example, put some red dye 40 in those poptarts to make people think they are eating something with fruit. You are getting more of the recommended FDA approved amounts of artificial dyes because unless you are conciencious about what you eat, the food and drug industry will continue to cut costs at your expense. I hope that I can change your mind about the comment you left here.

  6. Anon, you are an idiot. Research the facts before you open your mouth and spew out all that garbage. Being mom to 2 brothers with 18 year age difference I can say dye affecting one greatly and one not at all. Ima huge believer in tanning that hide, how dare you say I dont know how to discipline my child. What r you even doing here?


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