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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Check List: Could my child be affected by artificial colors?

A Check List:  Could my child be affected by artificial colors? 
These are some symptoms that my child had due to artificial colors - mostly red dye 40.  If your child experiences any of these behaviors, you might want to try eliminating artificial colors.  Start with red dye 40.  I found a huge difference after removing this dye and the change was drastic and quick. 

  • Acts aggressively from time to time
  • Acts irrationally 
  • Hits or kicks and has trouble calming down
  • Time outs don't seem to work
  • Disciplining doesn't seem to work
  • Repeats bad behavior sporadically and you never know what might set him or her off
  • Seems depressed
  • Has low self-esteem
  • Has poor motor coordination - poor handwriting, dysgraphia
  • Child feels upset about how he or she acted and felt sad about feeling out of control
  • Has increased hyper-activity
  • Acts differently at birthday parties after eating artificially colored cake
  • child has ADHD or ADD (children who have ADD or ADHD are more likely to become sensitive to artificial colors).  (some ADD or ADHD medications have artificial colors in them and you could ask for a dye-free alternative if your child uses prescription medication).
Parent Checklist
  • Unable to discipline child
  • Feeling like a bad parent
  • Nothing you do seems to work
  • Embarrassed by child's behavior
  • Feeling like you need some answers

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