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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are you kidding me???

    I recently did a blog about how Domino's Pizza uses yellow dye for their new crust and all of a sudden Domino's started advertising on my site!  I wouldn't mind if they didn't use artificial dyes but now I will have to block them from further advertisements until (hopefully) they change their menu.  Did they do that on purpose???  It is pretty ironic.  :)  Lately, I find that advertisements (even after they are blocked) slip in under a slightly different name so that they can (in my opinion) try to discredit a person's site.
    So if you are really into eating foods with artificial dyes that are made of petroleum and you don't mind that they can potentially cause cancer or behavioral problems in some individuals, than feel free to click on their advertisement and use their coupons, but I won't be eating it until they put healthier ingredients in their menu.  There really isn't any need to color pizza ingredients with artificial dyes anyways, right??  

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