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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween is almost here! Did you get your dye-free candy?

No Artificial Colors!

Did you know that artificial coloring can cause behavior problems in children? 
     Halloween is almost here!  It's time to stock up on candy.  Have you noticed how kids seem to get crazy after school Halloween parties?  Perhaps that is why so many smart teachers choose to have their parties close to the end of the school day.  Most people don't realize that it might not be just the sugar causing hyperactivity, but the artificial dyes that are prevalent in so many foods, drinks, candies, and virtually everything that can be consumed.  Many children are sensitive to these dyes and react in many different ways - hyperactivity, depression, headaches, aggression, and a decrease in motor coordination.  Why not stock up on candy that has natural ingredients as oppossed to candy that has synthetic artificial colors derived from petro-chemicals.  Help to make this a Happy Halloween for everyone!!!
     You can shop for Halloween Candy at The Red Dye Free Store and you can buy in bulk.  Happy Halloween!!!! 

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