The Red Dye Free Store - Where to find products without synthetic Dyes

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally - An Online Store to find Red Dye Free Products!

    I have found that more and more people have been looking for products without Red dye 40 and other harmful synthetic dyes.  That is why The Red Dye Free Store was created -.  I have used many of the products listed and have found them to be a worthy alternative to the products with harmful dyes.  My kids love the Pure Fun candies and the Surf Sweets!  These would be great to have on stock at Doctor offices and anywhere treats are given out to kids.  This would help to eliminate the dye-induced behavior that so many children experience after consuming artificial dyes.  In newer studies, some of these dyes have been linked to cancer.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has been America's Watch Dog for years in trying to get these dyes banned.  That is why The Red Dye Free store was created - to help you find the products that do not have these harmful dyes.  The Red Dye Free Store has everything - candy, toothpaste, books, vitamins, health snacks, etc.  (The store will be updated frequently so check back with us.) 

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