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Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Dye is a Petroleum-based dye! You are eating Petroleum people - Not Real Food!

More people are understanding that artificially colored foods with red dye 40, yellow and blue dyes are not real food. They are, however, the concern of millions of parents and Doctors who have taken the time to find the truth behind all the hype. Red dye 40 is made of petroleum and it can cause behavioral problems in children, contribute to ADD/ ADHD behaviors and in some children stimulate a sort of conduct disorder. Red dye 40 can cause one to feel angry for no apparent reason, act out irrationally, and make one to feel unable to make sense of a given situation. In others, who do not react in such an apparent manner, it is still a risk to consume these synthetic dyes because it is still unknown the degree in which these dyes can harm ones body neurologically.
The state of Maryland has followed Britian's suit and "may become the first state in the country to protect children- and their families- from Red 40, Yellow 5, and other artificial food dyes that worsen hyperactivity and other behavior problems in some children." To learn more about the bill that Senator Norman Stone proposes, please check out the following article: and in the mean time, stay away from these dyes!


  1. That would be absolutely amazing if it went through. We've only been dye free for two months but I'm spreading the word to everyone I meet.

  2. Two years of dye-free eating in our home has done wonders! I would love to see our government actually protect us from these poisons!!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I wish every State would do the same. Our children deserve better than this.


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