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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Favorite Food Stores

I recently moved to a new area and I've found some great new stores to buy my groceries and fun foods without artificial dyes! I love the Whole Foods Market and the new Publix Greenwise. They have more options for dye-free foods. The bakery in the Whole Foods Market has a wonderful display. All of the bakery items look so delicious and they are made of real food - not the fake artificial kind. In the Whole Foods Market, they sell sprinkles for decorating deserts and made from natural ingredients. I think that I am going to like it here. My children love the colored candies made from natural ingredients- we bought Berry SparX. I think that they taste a little like Smarties - very sweet!


  1. We like Sparx too. It's one of the only caydies my son can have. Wish we had a Whole Foods nearby.

  2. Hi! Having a busy summer??? I hope you all are having fun! We liked the Sparx and the Whole Foods Market is a definate perk! I hope that they branch out to you soon because the bakery is great!

  3. Okay... I just copied and pasted that comment. Now I remember you saying that they don't have a Whole Foods Market, but it is possible to order candies. It's possible that Toys R Us has a candy similar since they now are stocking their shelves with organic snacks.


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